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Mina Liebert

El Paso County Public Health Receives First Part of Potential $1 Million Grant from Colorado Health Foundation

Award Hailed as ‘Tangible Validation’ of Link Between
PHAB Accreditation and Funding

El Paso County Public Health in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was recently awarded funding for the first phase of a potential $1 million grant from The Colorado Health Foundation. The funds will be used to activate Healthy Places: Designing an Active Colorado, focused in the Southeast Colorado Springs community, where the social determinants of health are being addressed through an active resident-led coalition.

The two-part grant includes an initial investment of $20,000 from The Colorado Health Foundation to strategize an impactful, upstream approach for residents of the area to be active in the places where they live, work and play. The community-led process will initially include working with the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Technical Advisory Panel to refine recommended strategies from a number of existing local plans. The second part of the grant involves an investment up to $1 million dollars from the Colorado Health Foundation to assist with capital improvements in Southeast Colorado Springs.

Public health department leaders view the award as a “tangible validation” of the link between PHAB accreditation and the receipt of funding.

“When The Colorado Health Foundation reviewed our proposal, they noticed that we were the first accredited public health agency in the state of Colorado,” said Public Health Planner and coordinator of accreditation, Mina Liebert. “At that time, the Foundation was not familiar with PHAB accreditation, but they conducted some research and realized that it was not just a rubber stamp designation. The Foundation’s program officers were impressed with the PHAB process and thought it was notable that the agency has a set of standards and measures that we are held accountable to.”
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