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PHAB Site Visitors: Roles, Responsibilities and Benefits

Site Visitors play a central and substantive role in the accreditation process. PHAB Accreditation is based on a peer review process.

Site Visitors:
• Review the documentation submitted by health department applicants prior to the Site Visit;
• Conduct interviews with the health department director, members of the governing entity, community partners, and key departmental staff during the Site Visit to the health department; and
• Write the Site Visit Report.

The Site Visit Report provides the basis on which PHAB’s Accreditation Committee makes decisions about health department accreditation status.

Responsibilities of Site Visitors

PHAB has identified the following expectations, duties, and time commitment for individuals who perform this role:
• Commit to serve on at least one Site Visit Team per year;
• Complete approximately four hours of work in preparation for the
in-person training;
• Attend the in-person, 2-day PHAB Site Visitor Training at PHAB’s
• Complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form and a Site Visitor
• Complete a short, web-based evaluation of the PHAB Site Visitor
• Complete post-training documentation assessment/measure
scores and questions related to topics covered during training;
• Conduct a Pre-Site Visit Review of a health department’s
documentation (as a member of a 3-4 person team, you will be
assigned specific sets of standards for review);
• Participate in a series of Pre-Site Visit conference calls with
members of the Site Visit Team, as needed, to review the
documentation and prepare for the on-site review;
• Participate in the 2-3 day Site Visit to a health department at
PHAB’s expense;
• Contribute to writing the Site Visit Report;
• Provide feedback to PHAB about the experience of being a Site
Visitor; and
• Complete an online survey on the performance of your Site Visit
Team members.

As a representative of PHAB, you agree to:
• Review all accreditation application materials prior to the Site Visit;
• Commit to absolute confidentiality;
• Represent PHAB in a professional manner;
• Commit to be actively engaged for the duration of the Site Visit,
which typically requires 3-4 days away from home to complete the
Site Visit and related travel;
• Participate as a Site Visit Team member in all related activities
before, during, and after the Site Visit; and
• Use e-PHAB, PHAB’s online information system to complete Site
Visitor activities.

Benefits to You
Site Visitors who have served in this capacity have told us that the experience is rewarding and provides tangible benefits such as networking with other leaders in public health; gaining in-depth information about the accreditation process; participating in a meaningful peer review process; enhancing verbal, written, and technical communication and interviewing skills; learning about new, innovative, and promising public health practices; engaging in professional development; and contributing to the overall improvement of the field of public health.

How to Apply
Please consider applying to become a volunteer Site Visitor TODAY.
For information, contact PHAB Volunteer Services Manager Jeff Lake at, or via phone at (703) 778-4549, ext. 110.

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