Accreditation Overview

Accreditation Overview

Accreditation using the PHAB standards and measures can help a health department achieve performance excellence.

The standards and measures are the framework for evaluating a health department’s processes and services, their outcomes, and progress toward specific goals and objectives.

The standards and measures were developed after a thorough process of study, vetting and testing. Building on years of work developed by state-based public health accreditation programs, the National Public Health Performance Standards Program, and the Operational Definition of a Local Health Department, a workgroup composed of public health professionals, experts, and researchers developed the standards and measures. The standards and measures can be used to advance the practice of public health, should reinforce the role of public health, demonstrate accountability and should apply to all sizes of health departments and all forms of governance.

In preparing for national accreditation, the standards and measures can be used by the applicant health department: to review and revise health department processes, procedures, and programs; as a source of information on developing capacity and performance excellence in providing the core functions of public health; to guide the internal development of quality; and to prepare for the documentation selection and submission and site visit steps of the accreditation process.

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