Accreditation Works!

Accreditation Works!

The transformational benefits of being served by a PHAB-accredited health department now reach nearly 198 million people, or 64 percent of the U.S. population.

The benefits of PHAB accreditation are far reaching. In surveys of accredited health departments, the overwhelming majority of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that accreditation stimulated quality and performance improvement opportunities within the health department, allowed the health department to better identify strengths and weaknesses, helped the health department document the capacity to deliver the three core functions of public health and the 10 Essential Public Health Services, stimulated greater accountability and transparency within the health department, and improved the management processes used by the leadership team in the health department, among  many other benefits.

Accreditation Works! is a new feature designed to showcase the benefits national accreditation brings to public health departments and communities while also providing insight into accreditation’s broad impact. To support this feature, PHAB-accredited health departments are invited to contribute 300-to-600-word narratives describing how their health department has changed as a result of going through the accreditation process. Collectively, these stories serve as first-hand testimonies of how PHAB accreditation benefits health departments and their communities. Submissions may be emailed to

Accreditation Works! articles are featured regularly in PHAB’s e-newsletter as well as showcased on PHAB’s home page. They are also archived collectively online. PHAB thanks the many health departments that have contributed to this feature by sharing their experiences and thereby demonstrating their commitment to excellence in serving their communities.

Table of Contents:

Author Title
Donald Fisher Quality Improvement: “The New Way of Doing Business”
Susan Kunferman   How Accreditation is Transforming Wood County Health Department
Russell Moy Why Accreditation Matters at Harford County Health Department
Margaret C. Searing   In Plattsburgh, NY, Accreditation’s Impact Runs Deep
Mary E. Kirk Underscoring the Value of a Collaborative CHA Process
Rebecca Murphy Colligan Bottom Line: “Accreditation Truly Does Work!”
Diane Panzer Benefits of Performance Management System Run Deep in La Crosse, WI
Katrina Howard Accreditation Infuses a Culture of QI Throughout Lexington, KY, Health Department
Nicole Ingold Performance Management Now ‘Embedded’ in PCCHD’s Culture
Joey W. Razzano Accreditation Drives Transparency and Accountability in Portland, OR

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