Standards and Measures

Standards and Measures

The PHAB Standards and Measures Version 1.0 document serves as the official standards, measures, and required documentation for PHAB national public health department accreditation. In addition to being available as a free download, you may purchase hard copies of PHAB Standards and Measure 1.0. Please note that a small fee will be assessed to cover the cost of printing, shipping and handling. For pricing and ordering information, please contact PHAB Office Manager Genny Lush at 703-778-4549, ext. 100, or via email at

The PHAB Standards and Measures Version 1.0 document provides guidance especially for public health departments preparing for accreditation, as well as site visit teams that meet with health department staff and review documentation submitted by applicant health departments. This document will assist health departments and their Accreditation Coordinators as they select documentation for each measure, and it will direct the site visit team members in the review of documentation and in determining whether conformity with a measure is demonstrated. It also serves anyone offering consultation or technical assistance to health departments, including PHABʼs Board of Directors and Staff as they administer the accreditation program.

View the PHAB Standards: An Overview Version 1.0 for a synopsis of the national public health department accreditation standards.

January 24, 2014: Important Update:

Standards and Measures Version 1.5 Released

PHAB is pleased to release Version 1.5 of the Public Health Accreditation Standards and Measures. This new version of the Standards and Measures improves them by clarifying the wording of requirements, stipulating the number of examples that are required for each measure, and specifying the time frame for each measure. Additionally, a limited number of noteworthy public health issues that are emerging as important forces in the advancement of public health have been included.

Summary of Revisions and Clarifications in Standards and Measures, Version 1.5

Have you been wondering exactly what changes were made in the Standards and Measures, Version 1.5? Now there is a summary of those changes that provides an easy guide to understanding what changes were made and where they are located in the document. The Standards and Measures Summary of Version 1.5 Revisions and Clarifications describes the changes by measure. If you have been working with Version 1.0 and are making the switch to Version 1.5, this summary will help you.

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