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Education Services and Technical Assistance

PHAB is available to provide technical assistance on issues involving the accreditation process; required forms; the meaning of terms used; interpretation of the standards, measures, and documentation guidance; fact sheets and talking points; and access to PHAB materials and forms.

PHAB is also responsible for orienting and training future applicants on the application process and the standards and measures. The education provided is thorough and appropriate for all applicants.

Fact sheets and other talking points are continually developed and posted here. These one-to-two-page fact sheets can be used to inform and educate staff, stakeholders, governance and the public about PHAB accreditation. The fact sheets will deepen users’ understanding about the process and promote participation.

PHAB may also develop specific training sessions on various components of the training described in the PHAB Education Services fact sheet. For example, PHAB may develop a specific training session on the role and functions of the Accreditation Coordinator, including expectations for organizing and managing their accreditation team. These educational offerings will be publicized through the PHAB website and e-newsletter. Also, PHAB will continue to provide speakers and exhibits for conferences, upon request.

PHAB is available to provide training on the selection, preparation, and uploading of documentation. This training is provided at your location and upon request. The documentation training is not provided to a single health department. It is provided at the state or regional level and must be available to a number of health departments. The request should be made through a state health department, Tribal association or consortium, public health association or health officers association. The training is structured to meet your needs and can be a half-day to two days in length. Contact David Stone at if you are interested in hosting a training on the topic of documentation.

PHAB will not provide customized training on preparing for accreditation for individual applicants or individual health departments, such as how to develop and complete the pre-requisites, how to conduct an early “self-assessment” to prepare for accreditation, or how to develop a QI plan.

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