Online Orientation

PHAB Online Orientation

The online orientation is designed to give a basic understanding of the PHAB accreditation process.

Welcome to the Public Health Accreditation Board’s (PHAB) online orientation to public health department accreditation. The purpose of this orientation is to give you a solid overview of public health department accreditation. Whether you are an applicant or someone with an interest in learning more about national public health department accreditation, this series of modules will give you an overview of the PHAB accreditation process.

The information and material is covered in four modules, along with opening and evaluation modules.

  • 1 – A General Overview of Public Health Department Accreditation
  • 2 – An Introduction to the Accreditation Process
  • 3 – The Nuts and Bolts of the PHAB Accreditation Process
  • 4 – Understanding the PHAB Standards and Measures and Documentation

The 4 modules will each take 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You may review them all in one sitting, which should take about two hours, or you may review each of the modules individually. While you may complete the modules in any order desired, we suggest that you complete them in sequence as the information presented in a module builds upon the previous module. Once you have completed the four modules, you will be directed to an evaluation that must be finished and submitted prior to receiving credit for the orientation. The evaluation will help PHAB understand if the orientation is presenting you with the information you need.


Each of the four modules is intended as a stand-alone presentation and is designed to emphasize some aspects of the accreditation process. If you complete all modules in one sitting, the modules will contain information that will reinforce content in the previous module or will elaborate upon the earlier information. If the modules are completed one at a time, then some content will serve as a refresher for a previous module. Some material is emphasized, such as the three prerequisites that must be submitted with an application, because PHAB feels that the material calls for special attention by applicant health departments. Thus the material is intended to show you the importance of various activities within the accreditation process steps.


While the orientation is available to anyone who has an interest in national public health department accreditation, Accreditation Coordinators and Health Department Directors must complete the orientation prior to the health department submitting a Statement of Intent to PHAB. Accreditation Coordinators or Health Department Directors may also desire to use the modules for staff or governance meetings.

Modules 1 and 2 will appeal to anyone who has a desire to learn more about national public health department accreditation and the PHAB accreditation process. Module 3 targets Accreditation Coordinators, Accreditation Teams, and others who will be leading the health department through the accreditation process. Module 4 also targets Accreditation Coordinators and Teams, and those who will be responsible for collecting documentation for the standards and measures.

For Applicants

The completion of the online orientation is a requirement for any applicant public health department prior to the submission of the Statement of Intent (SOI). Both the Health Department Director and the Accreditation Coordinator must complete the full orientation. Upon completion, each participant will receive a unique personal identification number or PIN that must be entered in the Statement of Intent. You will be asked for that verification for both individuals when you submit your statement of intent, thus the Coordinator and Director must view the orientation individually.

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