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Accreditation Webinar Series

Advancing Health Equity through the PHAB Standards (May 31, 2017)

Individuals leading health equity work at local health departments join PHAB staff in an exploration of the specific PHAB Standards that address collaborative efforts to advance health equity. The discussion includes the multiple ways in which health departments collaborate with community partners to promote health equity and a culture of health, and strategies currently being implemented through accredited health departments to advance health equity in the populations they serve.

Webinar: Advancing Health Equity through the PHAB Standards (May 31, 2017)

Slide Set: Advancing Health Equity through the PHAB Standards

Health Equity in the PHAB Standards and Measures (Version 1.5)

Selected Health Equity Resources

Health and Equity Policy Analysis Project

An Introduction to PHAB Reaccreditation (February 9, 2017)

Robin Wilcox, Chief Program Officer at PHAB, provides an overview on the reaccreditation process and the Standards and Measures. The discussion includes outcomes reporting, timelines, and narrative forms.

Webinar: An Introduction to PHAB Reaccreditation

Slide Set: An Introduction to PHAB Reaccreditation

Reaccreditation FAQ: View or download this six-page packet of important questions and answers related to reaccreditation. (February 2017)

The webinar may also be viewed on You Tube.

Creating and Presenting Your Documentation: Tips for Success (October 20, 2016)

A webinar on how to optimize your documentation to help your department succeed in the accreditation process through first-hand perspectives. Speakers are Shirley Orr, PHAB Consultant; Marita Chilton, PHAB Accreditation Manager; April Harris, PHAB Accreditation Specialist (and Three Rivers District Health Department at the time the webinar was recorded); Colleen Svoboda and Jeff Soukup, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Webinar: Creating and Presenting Your Documentation: Tips for Success.

Slide Set: Creating and Presenting Your Documentation: Tips for Success

The webinar may also be viewed on You Tube.


Web Modules

PHAB’s online training modules have been developed to assist applicants and site visitors with specific aspects of the roles they will fulfill in the accreditation process. The training modules are intended to supplement and reinforce the in-person training. The online training modules and conferences are available at, and are hosted by PHAB education partner CECentral through the University of Kentucky.

Preparing for the Site Visit

This module details the various elements that must be considered and planned in hosting the site visit, including details about travel logistics, the agenda, interviews and the needs of site visitors while inside the health department.

Conducting the Site Visit

This module details the various elements site visitors must know to lead a proper and informative site visit. It includes information on the agenda, interviews, and the role and behavior of site visitors during the on-site time at the health department.

Site Visitor e-PHAB Refresher (requires password)

This module explains how to use e-PHAB to review documentation, to write comments and notes, and to build the site visit report. This refresher, a review of the e-PHAB system from the in-person training, takes the site visitor from log-in to completing the site visit report.

Applicant e-PHAB Refresher

This module explains the various tabs within e-PHAB that the applicant will use to upload documentation. Included are aspects of submitting documentation, submitting documents for re-opened measures, and communication through the “notes” and “ask PHAB” features. The module is presented both in its entirety and as mini-modules that focus on specific elements in using e-PHAB.

Legal and Ethical Considerations for Applicants

This module contains information for applicant health departments, including the legal agreement between the applicant and PHAB, communication, and confidentiality.

Site Visitor Responsibilities and Specific PHAB Policies

This module contains information for anyone who serves as a PHAB site visitor. It includes information on conflicts of interest, the site visitor agreement, communication, and confidentiality.

Web Conferences

NIHB Accreditation Webinars

During the summer of 2012, PHAB partnered with the National Indian Health Board to present three web conferences on accreditation targeting Tribal health departments. Any health department will benefit by watching the conferences. The three conference titles are:

  • Getting Started with PHAB Accreditation
    This module defines the elements to consider as a health department begins to prepare itself to undergo accreditation. Selecting an Accreditation Coordinator, using the Readiness Checklists and completing the three prerequisites are discussed.
  • Building Towards Success in Accreditation
    This module looks at the challenges and the successes of preparing for national public health department accreditation. The Navajo Nation shares its experience in transforming its health department and preparing to undergo the accreditation process.

PIHOA Accreditation Webinars

In January 2013, PHAB partnered with the Pacific Island Health Officer’s Association to develop a series of webinars. The webinars provide a solid foundation of accreditation knowledge for those helping the U.S. Territories and Freely Associated States prepare for accreditation.

  • Assessing & Selecting Documentation
    This webinar provides an orientation to assessing documentation against the requirements of the PHAB Standards and Measures to select the most appropriate evidence to submit.

Continuing Education Credit

Credit for continuing education (CE) is available to all who watch these trainings. To receive credit, register on the CECentral site and log in prior to watching a training, or when prompted. After completing the training, complete the short quiz/evaluation. A CE certificate will be available for printing.

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