Publications and Reports

Publications and Reports

This webpage features publications and reports relevant to PHAB and national public health department accreditation. It will be updated as new publications and reports become available.

Journal Articles and Reports

The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice has published several issues focused on accreditation and quality improvement. Several of these issues are available with free access on the JPHMP web site.

PHAB has compiled a list of additional journal articles and reports relevant to accreditation and quality improvement.

Background Reports

Evaluation of the Public Health Accreditation Board Beta Test: Brief Report
This brief report includes the most important findings and recommendations from the evaluation of the beta test, and also describes major revisions made to the accreditation process and Standards and Measures.

Final Recommendations for a Voluntary National Accreditation Program for State and Local Health Departments
This document summarizes the model program that the Exploring Accreditation Steering Committee recommended for implementation.

Full Report: Final Recommendations for a Voluntary National Accreditation Program for State and Local Health Departments
The Full Report is an expansion of the Final Recommendations report and includes sections on methodology and public comment, as well as a business case for accreditation.

Exploring Public Health Experience with Standards and Accreditation
This report reviews the positions that the major public health organizations have taken on accreditation and comparable programs.

Can Accreditation Work in Public Health? Lessons From Other Service Industries
This paper reviews the literature on existing accreditation programs in health and social service industries in order to derive implications about the potential benefits and costs of accreditation for public health agencies.

Review and Analysis of Quality Improvement (QI) Techniques in Police Departments
This paper explores the use of QI techniques in police departments to better understand how public health agencies can incorporate QI methods, as well as learn about the potential barriers to implementing QI projects in government agencies.

Quality Improvement Initiatives in Public Health Accreditation: Private Sector Examples and Key Lessons
This white paper summarizes quality improvement initiatives utilized in private sector accreditation efforts in light of their potential application in public health.

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