Protected: Site Visitors Resource Portal

Dear PHAB Site Visitors:

We are pleased to provide this resource portal on PHAB’s website, which is accessible only by trained PHAB Site Visitors. Below is a listing of content areas that reflect the resources included in this portal.

We hope the Site Visitor portal will represent a “one-stop shopping” resource for Site Visitors to access information you need to carry out your role. Resources are organized by content areas that include: (1) Version 1.0 Resource Documents; (2) e-PHAB Guidance Documents and Tip Sheets; (3) Site Visitor Guidance Documents and Tips Sheets; (4) Slide Decks; (5) Webinars for Site Visitors on CE Central; (6) Site Visitor Case Studies and Discussion Guides; (7) Applying to be a Site Visitor and Associated Requirements; and (8) Site Visitor Travel Information.

This portal is dynamic; we continuously revise content with the most up-to-date information and also add functionality. We encourage you to provide feedback on ways we can improve the utility of the portal to best meet your needs.

You generously volunteer your time and talents to be part of PHAB’s peer review process. We can’t thank you enough for your important contribution to PHAB’s success. While the work of a Site Visitor is challenging, you continue to help us learn. We are committed to support you to continue to carry out your critical role as a Site Visitor.

We hope this portal is useful to you and is a tangible expression of our sincere appreciation for the significant contribution you make to PHAB’s mission. We couldn’t do it without you.


Kaye Bender, President and CEO   |   Jeff Lake, Volunteer Services Manager

Kaye Bender             Jeff Lake

Content Area

Resource Docs


  • How to Use e-PHAB During and After the Site Visit-Guidance for Site Visitors (Updated March 2016)
  • Site Visitor Process


    Training Decks

    Case Studies


    Applying to be a Site Visitor and Associated Requirements

    Travel Info

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